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Bomba e festivalit ... Kane udhetuar nga nje skaj ne tjetrin te botes si headliner te te gjitha festivalet me te medha. Indi, Skandinavi, Turqi, Kine dhe te gjithe europen perendimore dhe lindore. Me se fundi ne Shqiperi produkti me i suksesshem muzikor qe ka eksportuar ndonjehere vendi yne. Albumi i tyre #Kabatronics fitoi Best Album dhe Best Videoclip ne The Independent Music Awards ne USA, short list ne The GRAMMYs, mbi 100 recensione me 4 dhe 5 yje ne revistat me prestigjoze ne bote si Rolling Stone Magazin ... etj

Ja! Erdhen!

Zeri i ikones te folkut shqiptar Hysni (NIKO) Zela qe perzihet me ate te karaibeve te Tuup, klarineta e Bardhit me beat-in e tablave indiane te Rav... Tunxhet e "çunave" te Fanfares me elektroniken e Tim ... Nuk mund ta humbni ... Per me shume lexoni tekstin ne anglisht me poshte

STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG (DE) - Phenomenal concert in a finely textured sound inferno. RHEIN-ZEITUNG (DE) - Astonishing appearance.

On 2012, two maverick groups, Britain’s eclectic Transglobal Underground and Albanian brass maestros Fanfara Tirana, team up for a dynamic cross-border, cross-cultural jamboree. Drawing on a Tom Tiddler’s ground of musical treasures, Balkan and otherwise, they exchange ideas, melodies and lyrics to tell new tales of mystery and re-imagination in a sparkling celebration of life, love and solidarity with its roots in history and its sights on the future.

Fanfara Tirana is surely one of the most entertaining brass band coming from the Balkans. Formed on 2002 by a group of friends from the Albanian Army band who decided, in a light-hearted fashion, that it might be worthwhile to form such a band, just to see what might happen. They contacted veteran singer M° Hysni Zela and persuaded him to come out of retirement and join them, which is when the serious fun started. Taking the time-honoured tales of heroes and lovers that are the backbone of the Albanian tradition and infusing them with the pumping rhythms of the best Balkan brass styles, they have created something truly innovative yet totally representative. Already blazing new trails at home and now ready for export. Their latest album, released by Piranha, climbed higher and higher the World Music Charts Europe for months, but with their new studio work Fanfara Tirana has gone further on and delivered the whole album to the londoners manipulators, the brilliant minds of TransGlobal Underground, a band that built up their music from the idea of crossing borders, or better, following the philosophy that there are NO borders at all. TGU are well known for being very keen at mixing musical styles and rythms taking no care at all about music genres or barriers created either by technology or common sense. In the years they've been overexposed as well as niche market, although they kept being very influent. They made a rule out of “mash up”, mixing all kind of music and sounds, brave pathfinders, always a step ahead innovating the music scene. The music composed by TransGlobal Underground can be seen as a kaleidoscopic trip through rituals, secrets with sudden, joyful swerves intheir tunes. Their aim is to enhance the deepest groove, looking for the red thread crossing different sensibilities and connecting their music to the multy-faceted universe of world music. The result is a blast! Ideas travelling back from London to Tirana forced the albanian musicians to go back to the recording studio with a new vision, fresh ideas and many expectations. Two very different bands got together, the contamination already took place, and the results could be the rise (being a bit pretentious) of a new music reality. Southern albanian kaba meets reggae, drums meet electronic, the voice of the albanian folk idol M° Hysni Niko Zela meets Tuup's black soul. Sitar strings embrace Iso-polyphony from the eagles nation and the results is astounding. Fanfara Tirana & TransGlobal Underground decided to get together for a European Tour in 2013. It's a perfect match. Symbiotic.

The goals arrived soon. Best World Beat Album and Best Music Video at IMA's (Independent Music Awards), headliner over the globe from China to Norway, from India to Germany. Several nomination as best album on magazines, Grammy's short list etc. Over 100 reviews with 4 and 5 starsat Rolling Stone, The Time, The Guardian, fRoots, Songlines, Manifesto, La Repubblica, Mondomix, Les Inrockuptible etc. The project developed further into a new one, more compact and more flexible getting the name of the album, Kabatronics composed by 4 musicians per band and they are recording their new album to be released in autumn 2017. If you're up to dance two hours in a row look for their next live show, you won't regret it!

    The Band
  • NIKO - leadvoval (FT)
  • MR WHITE - sax alto, clarinet (FT)
  • COLONEL JAMES - trumpet (FT)
  • GAS GAS - trumpet (FT)
  • TUUP - leadvocal, percussions (TGU)
  • TIM - keyboard, electronics (TGU)
  • HAMI - drums (TGU)
  • RAV - tablas, dhol (TGU)

  • Press

    fROOTS (UK) ***** - "Yes i knew it was going to be good, but perhaps not this good. Kabatronics is a proper album like wot they used to make: diverse, consistent, well produced and with a whole that’s greater than its many impressive parts."

    ALIAS (IT) ***** - "Unique! If you miss this record, too bad for you. Here we are in the presence of two giants of no borders music with no ideological barriers, least of all when it comes to play. The marvel at what comes from Albania “committing a sin” with reggae, transgressing at the sound of a sitar, weaving electronics with brass and losing itself in voices coming from very far away in time and space."

    MONDOMIX (FR) ***** + MENTION “Mondomix M’aime" - "Un travail en profondeur qui évite les effets tape-à-l’oeil et soigne une approche musicale dans le respect des traditions approchées. Inspiré et heureux."

    IL MANIFESTO (IT) *****- "A stellar album! 14 resounding tracks! A star that truly shines and glare of its own! To hear, endless times. Especially if with each listen, that star shines more and more."

    THE TIMES (UK) **** - “A symbol of cultural fusion in 2013 who would fit the bill!

    THE GUARDIAN (UK) **** - “An experiment that actually works. The result is a highly entertaining clash of Albanian brass and beats, with unexpected echoes of India or the Caribbean added in. Epic laments that would make great film music.”

    SONGLINES (UK) - Fanfara Tirana could stun a badger at 50 paces. Otherworldly sound of pealing clarinets over flugelhorn, saxes and trumpets, and the strangeness of their rough, gruff harmony vocals. Kabatronics is a winner

    R2 - ROCK’N REEL (UK) **** - “The result is a musical hybrid that’s true to its origins but which is considerably more than the sum of ils parts. This is an album that constantly surprises.”

    WDR RADIO (DE) *SUPERTUNES SELECTION - “Here is a record that takes the Balkans out the overdrive, it returns from the fast lane to the right lane. Very succesful project. Instrumental tracks like “Flowers Lament” bring to new, extraordinary situations.”

    JAZZTHING (DE) *FOCUS SELECTION -" This Albanian-British summit actually pours new wine again in the old bottles of Balkan hype."

    MELODI E UND RYTHMUS MAGAZINE (DE) ***** - “All the effort was worth it. Successful experiment. A milestone of Global Dance. Balkan soul and big beats."

    STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG (DE) - Phenomenal concert featuring the London based ethno-electronics of Transglobal Underground with the brass of Fanfara Tirana in a finely textured sound inferno.

    RHEIN-ZEITUNG (DE) - Astonishing appearance of Fanfara Tirana and Transglobal Underground A concert by transnational riff monsters. The seething mixture of loops, samples, drums and brass left the listeners (and dancers) both fascinated and delighted. The septet, with Niko the “voice of the past”, adding traditional Albanian vocal artistry additional played with incredible momentum and finesse. Rhythmically diverse, with interesting lyrics presented in the style of a Toasting Linton Kwesi Johnson, Fanfara Tirana meets Transglobal Underground burned like a borderless World Music fireworks display.

    LE JOURNAL DE MON TREAL (CA) - “As some wizards, shamans and other “Temporal”, they invoke the sun and good weather through music. Fusion Brass Band Fanfara Tirana and British funk/techno Machine Transglobal Underground, everything is there to brighten your spring. Invigorating rhythms, influences from around the world and dance machine...”

    REFLEX (CZ) - “Lots of attempts at merging world music with electronics do not work, this one did, and perfectly. Sometimes you do not know if you listen to reggae, calm chillout, or a Brass Quintet. Tremendously amousing, simply as TGU. And yes, Fanfara Tirana could raise the dead.”

    LE DEVOIR (CA) - “Shots of brass stabs, syncopated lines and restless polyphony. The fanfare remains the fanfare, but in sauce 2.0.”

    OUTSIDERS (IT) **** - “Kabatronics, is just that, a centrifuge of sounds that is going to rewrite the 2013 chapter of “world music”. The new project has perfectly centered the goal. Amazing video of No Guns To The Wedding, traditions intertwined in the sign of delirium and irony. Sensational. It’s a captivating and danceable album, which hasn’t taken away anything from the frenzy these two groups are famous for when they’re on stage, as if the walls of the recording studio never existed. Everything moves, nothing is defined. Now we can say: finally something new"

    EASY VOYAGE (DE) *****ALBUM OF THE WEEK - “An exceptionally well-done fusion. The original melodies go into the ear and some of them directly in the legs - the spice of life. Highly creative collaboration and worldmusic of “EXTRAKLASSE”. Traditional ethnic sounds sent to the dancefloor, or to your home!”

    LES INROCKUPTIBLE (FR) ****- “Mais quand les promis ont belle gueule, le mariage est heureux.”

    EASY VOYAGE (FR) ***** - RECOMMENDED ALBUM of the week - “Kabatronics, cocktail Albano-Britanique détonant! A écouter par tous les temps, en toutes saisons et en toutes circonstances!”

    GLOBALSOUNDS (DE) **** - “This collaboration between London and Tirana speaks a language of its own. Globalized Balkan Fusion for the dancefloor, but with a healthy respect for the original melodies.”

    B!RITMOS MAGAZINE (ES) ***** ALBUM OF THE MONTH - “Something new and different! Splendid! Tremendous! Beautiful! Musical communion between the two bands is total!”

    WNYC RADIO (USA) - "Fabulous record!"

    NA MAGAZINE (SE) **** - “The variety is huge”

    SOLAR JAZZ MAGAZINE (CO) - “Kabatronics is a recording that manages to captivate and entertain without losing the complexity in time. A unique magic and mysticism.”

    RADIO GROOVALISACION (BE) *ALBUM OF THE WEEK - “Superbe collaboration!”

    ROLLING STONE (DE) **** - “A magic carpet ride between London and Tirana.”

    VARMLANDS FOLKBLAD (SE) **** - “British world fusion group Transglobal Underground meets Albanian brass band Fanfara Tirana in a violent encounter.”

    JAZZTHETIK MAGAZINE (DE) **** - “ The proud Albanians were not satisfied with Woodpecker or Hoopoe: ‘The Eagle Takes Flight’.”

    FOLKER MAGAZINE (DE) - “ What is offered is playing on an extremely high level.”

    BLOGFOOLK MAGAZINE (IT) *ALBUM OF THE MONTH - “Kabatronics is an album that is extremely rich, full of energy with a good dose of fun and is infectiously danceable with an approach that is original and not obvious in the genre of world music. Both acts compliment each other’s musical and technical approach with an unmatched intensity.”

    OX FAM (NL) - “This exciting combination guarantees a wonderful symbiosis of Albanian brass masters and the eclectic sound of Transglobal Underground. ‘Kabatronics’ is a dynamic, energetic, border and cross-cultural company where ideas, melodies and lyrics are exchanged.”

    MUZIEKWEB (NL) - “Recommended to lovers of best Balkan music.”

    project 2


    Kjo eshte një nga perlat më të vecanta të festivalit. Gray Filastine është një artist audio-vizual lindur në Los Angeles, dhe banues në Barcelonë, por më shpesh ai është një nomad nëpër botë. Ai kompozon një muzikë me verv transnacional elektronike që ndesh frequencat e ulëta bas me “beat science” të niveleve te larta, harqe apo tela akustikë dhe zërin. Ajo është përshkruar si "prototip i sound-it urban të globalizuar" (Prefix MAG) si dhe "hibride mbresëlënëse dhe delikate ... aq fluide sa sfidojnë klasifikimin" (Pitchfork). Incizimet e Filastine shpesh përmbajnë zërin e këngëtares Indy nga Indonezia, Nova, me të cilen si duo ata kryejnë rreth 100 koncerte në vit në të gjithë botën. Ju mund të keni parë ata në një euro-festival të respektuar si Sónar, në një klub nate te djersitur në Hong Kong, duke luajtur në një stadium futbolli në Casablanca, apo turne në SHBA përkrah Beats Antique ose Bassnectar.

    Grey Filastine is an audio-visual artist born in Los Angeles, based in Barcelona, but most often nomadic. He composes a gritty transnational electronic music that collides low frequenciy bass pressure with high level beat science, acoustic strings and voices. It is described as “the prototype of globalized urban sound” (Prefix Mag) and “awesome and delicate...hybrids so fluent they defy classification” (Pitchfork). Filastine’s work often features the voice of Indonesia’s indy songtress Nova, touring as duo they perform about a hunred gigs a year across the world. You may have seen them at a respected euro-fest like Sónar, in a sweaty Hong Kong nightclub, playing a football stadium in Casablanca, or touring the US alongside Beats Antique or Bassnectar.

    Event 3


    ETNIK SKA ROCK BAND NGA GREQIA QË MOREËN PJESË EDHE NË EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2013 ME KËNGËN … “ALCOHOL IS FREE " BBC News: "KOZA MOSTRA ËSHTË NJË NGA BENDET SKA MË PREMTUESE NE BALLKAN" Bild News: "PËR KËTA GREKE KRIZA EKONOMIKE NUK EKZISTON" Kur Ilias Kozas (këngëtar dhe themelues i Koza Mostra) kompozoi "Alcohol is Free" në 2013, ai as nuk mund të besonte se titulli i këngës së tij do të bëhej simbol i lirisë dhe optimizmit. Koza Mostra u formua në vitin 2012 nga Ilias Kozas. Në mënyrë që Bindin fansat e tyre se "çdo gjë mund të ndodhë kudo” ata vendosën të marrin pjesë në Eurovision Song Contest 2013 shoqëruar nga Agathon Iakovides (një nga këngëtarët më të rëndësishëm të stilit "rebetiko") me këngën "Alcohol is Free" jo vetëm duke fituar finalen kombëtare me përqindjen më të madhe në votimin e pubikut ndonjëherë, por u bë gjithashtu një nga grupet më të dashura në garë në Malmö (Suedi) duke fituar vendin e 6-të në tabelën përfundimtare pavarësisht teksteve të tyre me alegori politike. Më 22 Mars 2013, Koza Mostra, duke ekzistuar prej më pak se një viti, lëshuan ​​albumin e tyre të parë, të titulluar "Keep up the Rhythm“ i cili shiti mbi 130.000 kopje, në të cilat ata kishin nderit për të punuar së bashku me Paul Hitter (një nga artistë më me ndikim të kultures Gipsy), artist që qëndron pas shumicës së veprave të Gogol Bordello.

    THE ETHNIC SKA ROCK BAND FROM GREECE THAT INTRODUCED THEMSELVES THROUGH THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2013 WITH THE SONG… “ALCOHOL IS FREE” BBC News : “KOZA MOSTRA IS APPARENTLY ONE OF THE MOST PROMISING BALKAN SKA BANDS” Bild News : “FOR THESE GREEKS THERE IS NO ECONOMICAL CRISIS” When Ilias Kozas ( lead singer & creator of Koza Mostra ) composed “Alcohol is Free” on 2013, he could not even believe that the title of his song would become a symbol of freedom and optimism. Koza Mostra formed in 2012 by Ilias Kozas . In order to persuade their audience that “anything can happen anywhere” they decided to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 accompanied by Agathon Iakovides (one of the most significant singers of “rebetiko” style of music) with the song “Alcohol is free” not only winning the national final with the largest percentage on audience voting ever, but also becoming one of the most beloved bands at the contest in Malmö (Sweden) winning the 6th place in the final chart despite their greek politically allegorical lyrics. On the 22nd of March 2013 Koza Mostra , counting less than one year of life , released their first album , titled “Keep up the Rhythm” and selling over 130.000 copies, on which they had the honor to work together with Paul Hitter (one of the most influential Gipsy Artists) , the artist behind most of Gogol Bordello’s artwork.

    project 2


    Robert Bisha është një kompozitor, multi-instrumentist dhe një improvizues ne piano i nje gjenialiteti te rralle. Muzika e tij mund të përkufizohet si contemporary music me thekse Avant-Gard Jazz. Në këtë projekt ai bashkepunon me një nga grupet frymore më të famshme te world music, Fanfara Tirana. Ky është një takim i gjenialitetit dhe fuqisë. Kompozimet e tij janë qeliza te muzikes shqiptare te shkruara në nje Mingus way dhe që tingëllon si Charlie Haden Liberation Orchestra por e kercyeshme si një dasme ballkanase. Pas triumfit në Lion të Francës gjatë koncertit të tyre të parë së bashku, dhe koncertit ne Kaba 2.0 në Korçë në vitin 2016, ky është koncerti i tretë se bashku. Albumi do të dale në vitin 2018. Behuni gati per mrekulline e rradhes. Turne te pafund ndërkombëtare të Fanfara Tirana i kane bërë "djemte" një nga bendet me te njohura ne festivalet më të rendesishme ne mbare boten. Ata janë ende i vetmi band shqiptar që ka arritur rezultate të tilla.

    Robert Bisha is a composer, multi-instrumentist and a genius piano improviser. His music could be defined as contemporary music with Avant-Garde Jazz accents. In this project he meets one of the most beautiful brass bands of world-music, Fanfara Tirana. This is a meeting of geniality and power. His compositions are flowers of Albanian music writen in a Mingus way that sounds like Charlie Haden Liberation Orchestra but danceble like a balkan wedding. After a triumph in Lyon, France during their first concert together and Kaba 2.0 in Korce in 2016 this is the third live concert of them. The album will be realesed in 2018. Be ready for this, is gonna be "the next big thing" in the world-music and jazz scene. Endless international tours of Fanfara Tirana made them one the headliners of the most imprtant festivals allover the world. They are still the only Albanian band to have achived such results.

    project 2


    BAiLdSA është një grup i bazuar në Selanik, Greqi që kombinon tingujt e ballkanit dhe meloditë cigane me estetikën post punk. Emri vjen nga fjala turke bayılmak (të zbehta), e cila përdoret gjerësisht në fshatrat në balkan edhe me kuptime të ngjashme si të ngopura, të sëmurë etj. Që nga formimi në vitin 2008, BAiLdSA gradualisht zhvilluan tingullin e tyre dallues dhe individual duke bashkuar zhanrën ekzistuese balkan-gipsy me elemente të reja nga ska, punk, reggae, rap, madje edhe indie, post rock ose stoner. Në vitin 2011, grupi regjistroi dhe lëshoi ​​albumin e tij debutues "Shtetet e Bashkuara të Ballkanit" në Selanik, Greqi. Ai mori komente mbresëlënëse dhe ndihmoi në ndërtimin e një fanbase ndërkombëtare. Megjithatë, performancat live në skenë është ku ata shprehen në maksimumin e tyre. Deri më tani, shfaqjet dinamike dhe shpërthyese të BAiLdSA i kanë cuar në më shumë se 250 koncertet e tyre në Greqi, Turqi, Qipro, Maqedoni, Bullgari dhe Shqipëri, ku veçojmë opening acts për Kultur Shock, New Model Army dhe Manu Chao. Që nga fillimi i karrierës së tyre, BAiLdSA në mënyrë aktive bashkohen me forcat e ndryshimeve sociale dhe qëndrojnë kundër racizmit dhe fashizmit përmes këngëve të tyre dhe qëndrimit të përgjithshëm. Grupi vetë është bartës i një mesazhi shpresëdhënësish të unitetit dhe solidaritetit, të cilin ata përhapin si zjarri në çdo vend që ata vizitojnë dhe luajnë.

    BAiLdSA is a group based in Thessaloniki, Greece that combines balkan sounds and gypsy melodies with post punk aesthetic. The name comes from the turkish word bayılmak to faint), which is widely used in villages in the balkans also with similar meanings as fed up, sick of etc. Since forming in 2008, BAiLdSA gradually developed their distinctive and individual sound by merging the existing balkan-gypsy genre with new elements from ska, punk, reggae, rap, and even indie, post-rock or stoner. In 2011, the band recorded and self-released its debut album “United States of Balkans” in Thessaloniki, Greece. It received very impressive reviews and helped build an international fanbase. However, live on-stage performances are the band at its best. So far, BAiLdSA’s dynamic and explosive shows have earned them more than 250 concerts in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Albania, several festival appearances, and opening acts for the likes of Kultur Shock, New Model Army and Manu Chao. Ever since the beginning of their career, BAiLdSA actively join the forces of social change and stand against racism and fascism through their songs and general attitude. The band itself is the carrier of a hopeful message of unity and solidarity, which they spread like wildfire in every place they visit and play.

    project 2


    H.A.T. Është Hatim Belyamani (DJ DJ officerfishdumplings), muzikant maroken-amerikan dhe multi-media artist që qëndron pas projektit Remix-Culture, një kolektiv artistësh jofitimprurës që krijon lidhje midis muzikës tradicionale globale dhe artit dixhital remix, duke udhëtuar dhe identifikuar tradita të ndryshme muzikore dhe më pas i regjistron, filmon, prodhon dhe remixon. Projekti filloi në Marok vendlindje e Hatimit dhe më pas u zgjerua në vende të tjera. Hatim ka kryer remiximet e tij të drejtpërdrejta në Lincoln Center NY dhe festivale në Marok dhe Evropë. Behuni gati per nje surprize qe do ju mahnise.

    H.A.T. is Hatim Belyamani (aka DJ officerfishdumplings), the Moroccan-American musician and multi-media artist behind the Remix-Culture project, a non-profit artist collective creating links between global traditional musics and digital remix art, by travelling to and identifying a country’s various musical traditions and then recording, filming, producing and remixing them. The project began in Hatim’s native Morocco and later expanded to other countries. Hatim has performed his live video remixes at Lincoln Center NY and festivals in Morocco and Europe.

    Event 7


    Një projekt unik midis kompozitorit shqiptaro-italian Robert Bisha dhe Albanian Iso-Polyphonic Choir që ndërthur folklorin shqiptar me muzikën bashkëkohore dhe jazz-in. Robert Bisha është një pianist dhe kompozitor unik, një improvizues gjenial dhe një nga instrumentalistët më të talentuar që do të shihni ndonjëherë. Muzika e tij është bashkëkohore, e përforcuar me absente të jazz-it Avant-Garde. Ai është një pianist eklektik, tek i cili muzika origjinale mashkohet me studimin, duke zbatuar teknikën perfekte të muzikës klasike në një hulumtim bashkëkohor harmonik si dhe studimin e folklorit të pasur shqiptar. Albanian Iso-Polyphonic Choir - Tinguj të botës së përtejme, kompleks dhe trance-nxitës të manifestuar nga fuqia e zërit të njeriut, duke mbajtur peshën emocionale të shekujve të krenarisë, varfërisë dhe shtypjes; Muzika vokale polifonike është një traditë e gjallë në Shqipëri dhe në vitin 2005 u shpall Kryevepra e Trashëgimisë së paprekshme të njerëzimit nga UNESCO.

    A unique project between the Albanian/Italian composer Robert Bisha and the Albanian Iso-Polyphonic Choir that mixes the Albanian reach folklore to the contemporary music and jazz. Robert Bisha is an outrageously talented pianist and composer, a genius improviser and one of the most gifted multi-instrumentalists you'll ever see. His music is contemporary, enhanced with Avant-Garde Jazz accents. He is an eclectic pianist, who the original music mixes the study, implementing the perfect technique of classical music to a contemporary harmonic research and the study of rich Albanian folklore. Albanian Iso-Polyphonic Choir Otherworldly, complex and trance-inducing sounds manifested by the power of the human voice, carrying the emotional weight of centuries of pride, poverty and oppression; polyphonic vocal music is a living tradition in Albania and in 2005 was proclaimed a Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. They are the most prominent representatives of the distinctive styles of southern Albania, where the drone can be sung either continuously or rhythmically against the interlacing melodies and occasional wild or mournful cries of the other voices to weave a haunting web of shape-shifting, dissonant beauty.Folk Iso-Polyphony is a form of traditional music of Albania. Most of the villages and towns have an iso-polyphony band. “Iso” refers to the drone accompanying the singing. Rendered principally by male singers, it is performed during social events (weddings, harvest feast, funerals, religious celebrations, festivals, etc.). It is practised in the south of Albania and is typical for two large areas: Toskëria and Labëria. If both Tosk and Lab polyphonic songs include ballads, historic songs, lyrical songs, etc, they perform the drone differently. The Tosks perform the drone continuously and sung on the syllable “e”, while the Labs sometimes sing the drone as a rhythmic tone. Traditionally, iso-polyphony in the southern part of Albania has been transmitted form parents to children, but large-scale migrations due to economic hardship have caused the discontinuation of this mode of transmission.

    project 2


    Maria Mazzotta është një nga zërat më të spikatur ne ate qe quhet muzika world-music apo etno e Puglias! Ajo studioi piano dhe harpë në Konservatorin Lecces. Studioi gjitahshtu, polifoni dhe të kënduarin tradicional të Salentos: këtë pjesë të vogël të tokës, ku, komunitetet italiane, greke dhe shqiptare jetojne se bashku prej shkujsh. E apasionuar pas Salentos dhe muzikë ballkanike, ajo u bashkua, si soliste, i Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, një nga grupet kryesorë në world-music. Ajo takohet me Redi Hasa një violoncelist shqiptar qe luan me disa nga artistet me te rendesishem ne bote mes te cileve vecojme bashkepunimin e tij me Ludovico Einaudi. Së bashku, ata krijojnë një duo që ofron një imersion në kujtesën e traditave evropiane Jugore: një xhevahir të virtuozitetit, elegances dhe emocionit.

    Maria Mazzotta is one of the most moving voices from the Pouilles and the music of the world! Already as a young child, she studied piano and the harp at the Lecce Conservatory, learned opera singing, polyphony and traditional singing from Salento: this little piece of earth where Italian, Greek and Albanese communities come together. Passionate about Salentino and Balkan music, she joined, as a soloist, the Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, one of the leading groups in the music world, then the famous Notte della Taranta directed by Goran Breovic, a real star on the international scene. She meets Redi Hasa, an Albanese cello player from Ludovico Einaudi. Together, they create a duo that offers an immersion into the memory of Southern European traditions: a jewel of virtuosity, exigence, and emotion.

    Event 9


    The last female iso polyphonic choir.

    Event 10


    Three musical genius in a jam session.

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    • project 3


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    • event 4


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    Where are the Ticket Sold?

    "Rruga Papa Gjon Pali II, 1001-Tirana"


    "Rr.Ismail Qemaili, Pallati 29, Ap.1, Te Blloku, 1001-Tirana"


    "Rr.Qemal Gurnjaku, 1001-Tirana


    "Rruga Pjeter Bogdani, 1000 Tirana, Albania"

    Nouvelle Vague

    "Rruga Sami Frasheri, Te Blloku, 1000 Tirana, Albania"

    Mon Cheri (11 Janari)

    "Rruga Kont Urani, Godine 2 Kateshe, 1000 Tirana, Albania"

    Hemingway Bar Tirana

    "Rruga Vaso Pasha, 1001-Tirana"

    Anima Pictures

    "Sheshi Cercis Topulli, Gjirokaster"

    Shtepia e Turistit




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